Rental Terms

Important Rental Information is provided on this page as well as important documents that are available for download. If you need to be added as an additional insured for your event, please call us at 704-257-7222 and we will be happy to provide that. Your Rental Agreement, Safety Agreement and Release & Waiver will be required to be signed at the time of delivery.

Safety First Policy: Safety of our customers is our primary concern. A Bounce For All Ages reserves the right to cancel any event due to poor/extreme weather conditions. If we find the need to cancel, we will provide a rain check that will be good for one year. We will gladly reschedule your event, or provide a full refund. ABFAA and representatives also reserve the right to cancel an event if we deem the location of setup to be an iminent danger to patrons safety. Keep in mind that there may be a delivery cost if we show up and deem the conditions do not meet the conditions below. If you have any questions regarding your setup area, please contact us at 704-257-7222.

Deposits: Each rental is secured with a deposit of at least $100. Any remaining balance is due within 7 days of the rental. In the event that the remaining amount is not paid within the 7 days, your will forfeit your deposit and your rental will be cancelled. Please understand that we can't hold products when others may want to rent them. That is the reason we have this strict guideline in affect. We do send a reminder email to you within 10 days of the rental but it is your responsibility to ensure the full balance of your rental is paid within 7 days. For questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact us.

Cancellation Policy: You are welcome to cancel for any reason at least 7 days prior to your event for a full refund of any payments made. If cancelling within 7 days to the day of the event, you will receive a "rain check" which is good for 12 months. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event, you will forfeit any payments made. Please be sure to read our Inclement Weather Policy.

Inclement Weather Policy: We at ABFAA want you to enjoy your event to the fullest. If on the day of your event there is inclement weather and the need arises to postpone, we will provide you with a rain check which can but used up to 1 year from your scheduled event. If there is any question that there could be bad weather, be it rain, thunderstorms, or high winds (20mph+), we urge you to entertain the option of postponing or moving your event indoors (there are many indoor venues that you can try...schools, churchs, community centers, etc). Please note, if bad weather is possible, and you choose to have us deliver, if we cannot set up due to weather conditions (we will not set up in rain, snow or other inclement weather due to safety concerns), the deposit would be forfeited but a rain check will be issued. Once any equipment is setup, we unfortunatley cannot provide a rain check or refund.

What We Expect From You

Electricity: All Inflatables must be plugged into an electrical outlet for the duration of use. Continuous power is required to keep the Bounce Houses inflated. We will provide you a 100ft. extension cord. If you require multiple blowers, we will need separate outlets on separate breakers. This is due to the amount of power the blowers require. If you feel this may be a problem, we have several Generators available that are very inexpensive to rent. Please make sure to contact us if you feel this may be an issue when renting multiple inflatables or inflatables with multiple blowers.

Site Access: There must be a clear access route from our vehicle to your site. Stairs, Steep Bank or Obstructed pathway can cause delays or possible prevent equipment setup. The best case would be access for our trailer and/or truck to access the set up site. Remember, most of our Inflatables weigh 300+lbs and are very large. Please keep that in mind if going through a gate. We set up the majority in driveways and that is the best option in most cases. Remember, if we show up and we can't set up for these reasons, you will not be refunded or issued a rain check.

Site Conditions: The space requirements, including height, are listed online for each rental. It is your responsibility to ensure the Site is adequate. The site needs to be flat. Pet droppings, debris and any objects that may interfere with the use of, or cause damage to, the rental equipment must be removed. Please rake recently mown grass. Our crew will not clean or prepare the site. As outlined in your Rental Agreement, if conditions require extra cleaning of the Inflatable, an additional cleaning fee will be accessed.

Ground Surface: Grass or Concrete are the best surfaces. Dirty soil is not acceptable and will be assessed a cleaning fee of $100. Stakes are used to secure the Inflatables on grass and sand bags are used on Concrete.

Adult Supervison: The renter of the unit must be present at initial set up for training and to sign the rental agreement. They must also be present during pick-up and sign the pick-up form. We also ask that an adult be present at all times during the use of all Inflatables, Concessions or other products.

NO Silly String: Silly String is prohibited to be used in or around any of our Inflatables. Silly String has a chemical that is corrosive to our Vinyl Inflatables. Any indication of Silly String will result in a $400 cleaning fee.

NO Food is allowed in the Inflatables: Under no circumstances is food allowed in the Inflatables. This causes major problems in keeping them clean and safe from bugs and animals. We will charge you a $100 cleaning fee if notice any food in the Inflatables.

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